Wood Grains and Color Selection

We strive to pick the most beautiful wood grains available, but it is important to remember that each piece of wood within a species will have some variations. Our goal is to offer products that fit your vibe - whether that's your personality, your home décor style, or the energy you want to bring to your home. The best way to do this is by having the power to pick your wood type and color.

Wood Types We Typically Use

  • Hard Maple - a light and creamy wood that sometimes has slight yellow or red hues. Colors applied to this wood will also show lightly.
  • Red Oak - known for its red undertones; matches well with white oak.
  • White Oak - a light-colored wood with olive undertones that matches other wood species well. 
  • Ash - a classic light wood that is solid and beautiful. It matches well with other wood species. At times, grains may resemble oak, and it can have a slight yellow hue.
  • Walnut - dark-colored wood with tight grains; one of our favorites!

Types of Finishes We Love

We have a variety of finishes we choose to use on our products based on their purpose. Your package will receive a care card with more information about the finish of your product.
  • Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a high-end wood finishing product that we love for its 55+ color options, no lap lines when adding color, and heat and water resistance. You'll find this product on many of our kitchen items. 
  • Odie's Oil Products are high-end wood finishes made to withstand regular use without flaking, cracking, or peeling. This finish is non-toxic, durable, and versatile. 
  • Walrus Oil is a company that not only makes great finishes but gives back to the community in great ways, planting trees to sustain life and woodworking. It is a certified plant-based finish.