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About Us

Hi! Josh and Sydney are the founders and owners of The Sociable Home. We started our business in 2016, just two years after getting married. We were new homeowners working through our graduate programs when we started flipping furniture on the side. Little by little, we learned about finishing processes, wood types, furniture history, and the art of design. 

Then, we got pregnant with baby #1 and moved from Virginia to North Carolina to be closer to family and back home. It took us a while to get settled in, but we bought a new home, started new jobs, and got back to work. With a bigger space, we were able to start working on new projects and collecting new tools. Little by little, we gained new skills, got more custom requests, and started building our own pieces of furniture.

We have different design styles and work together to build pieces that fit both of our preferences. And that's the overarching goal of our business. We want to build pieces that make our home truly feel like an extension of our personality. That's what we want for your home, too, so we started building functional and beautiful hardwood pieces that are made to last. 

It started with the spice rack, and we are working to build product lines as we fill the needs in our home. We can't wait to show you what's ahead! Thank you for supporting our business and coming on the journey with us. 


Sydney and Josh

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